Troy Sketches (just a thought)


As most of you know (and even if you don't), I'm from Troy, Alabama, and I like it here. I was born and raised here, and apparently I'm still going to be around here for a while. Troy has been around for a while and has a lot of cool stuff in it. New industries are coming here and the town is doing pretty good for now, I think. Anyway, Troy has a cool-looking downtown area and I decided I wanted to start drawing some of the buildings from there. Here is my first attempt at it. It's a picture of Synco Drugs and First Methodist church. If I get some positive feedback from this I might do some more. Well, that's all for now.



Stock and Awe: 06/23/11

Hey guys. Ran across another creepy stock photo today, unfortunately. Apparently it's a photo of 2 failed Will Sasso clones that some mad scientist threw out into a disgusting pile. I guess these guys are brothers or something, but I seriously can't imagine a scenario where any designer or creative professional would need this photo. Here's an example:
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Stock and Awe: 06/17/11

Welcome everyone. It has taken me YEARS to figure out what to do with this blog section of my websites. I used to think to myself, "Self, what on earth can you contribute to the grand blogosphere of the interweb?" Honestly, I couldn't even answer myself. I don't want to sit around on here and put up my thoughts on every little thing on the planet, but, honestly, you don't care about that. I had no idea what to do...until now.
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