Stock and Awe: 06/17/11

Welcome everyone. It has taken me YEARS to figure out what to do with this blog section of my websites. I used to think to myself, "Self, what on earth can you contribute to the grand blogosphere of the interweb?" Honestly, I couldn't even answer myself. I don't want to sit around on here and put up my thoughts on every little thing on the planet, but, honestly, you don't care about that. I had no idea what to do...until now.

I started thinking to myself, "Self, what does everyone like?" To which my mind replied, "You idiot. People like horrific stock photography from the low-end stock photo website that you use at work!" Brilliant. So this is what I'm going to do with my blog for a while: I work at a newspaper and we use a pretty sub-par stock photo website. It works good for most occasions, but over the years I have noticed that it has a large amount of RIDICULOUS photos on it. So, I am going to attempt to share these with you every day, unless I forget, then just whenever. So for the inaugural entry I will give you this excellent photo.....

Mmm. Work it, girls...I mean whatever you are.Ok, I will come straight out and say it. The chick in the green looks moderately normal, but the other girl/monster is another story. I will save my comments of it, you are free to judge it how you want. But the chick on the left is terrifying. Well, hope you enjoyed the first installment. Get ready for years and years of this.