Stock and Awe: 06/23/11

Hey guys. Ran across another creepy stock photo today, unfortunately. Apparently it's a photo of 2 failed Will Sasso clones that some mad scientist threw out into a disgusting pile. I guess these guys are brothers or something, but I seriously can't imagine a scenario where any designer or creative professional would need this photo. Here's an example:

Art Director: Hey, we need a good image for the cover of this brochure.
Designer: Ok. What were you thinking?
Art Director: The look we are going for is "2 creepy clone heads stacked on top of each other being overexposed by the camera flash while the top head looks like it wants to hang out and go watch Green Lantern with you while the bottom head stares angrily into the depths of your soul and insecurites while trying to figure out what time you are not going to be home so he can break in and steal your television." Do you have something like that?
Designer: Actually.....

Yes. Yes, I do.